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We travel to Ukraine time and again to provide refugees, children and military personnel with French fries and snacks. We then make it as cozy as possible with music and nicely decorated tents so that these people can escape from the intense reality for a while. Each day we give away up to 2,000 servings of French fries and snacks. In total more than 150,000 tubs of French fries and 150,000 snacks.

We have just returned from Ukraine.
Our last trip in April/May was the 11th trip in a year and started in the in Bordyanka where about 2000 portions of fries baked for citizens. Then we spent 11 days frying French fries in the Donbas. Each day we were in a different location less than 35km from the front and occasionally even within 10km of the zero line. So we were in Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Sviatogirsk and in Lyman.

We met extraordinary people and it was intense and sometimes emotional. Our video reports will be posted again soon on the retrospective page with all the videos of the previous trips.

The last day in Lyman was the most intense because there we were less than 10km from the front. Because we were within artillery distance we had to wear bullet proof vests. At the end of the day we had to pack very quickly because a Russian drone had been spotted.

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