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We travel to Ukraine (frontarea Donbas) again and again to provide refugees, children and military personnel with French fries and snacks, then make it as cozy as possible with music and cozily decorated tents so that people can escape from the intense reality for a while. Per day we give away up to 2,000 servings of French fries and snacks. We went dozens of times since February 2022 and in total we already gave away hundreds of thousands of trays of French fries and snacks.

We also help war victims in other ways, both with relief supplies and financially.

Recently we opened our own shelter (refugee reception location ) 80 km from the front where we can accommodate up to 70 people. Our guests come from the most extreme locations from areas where fleeing on their own is usually no longer possible. Therefore, we work together with Denis Khrystov who evacuates people from these areas at the risk of their lives with his armored cars. Often he brings them to our shelter. The guests are allowed to stay up to 2 months and receive medical and psychological counseling. Together with them we look for a permanent place to live.

Our past trips:
Each time we went back to Eastern Ukraine. We went to fry French fries and help people in the front area and we helped war victims financially but we also went to our shelter 90km from the front.

We also went with Denis Khrrystov for an evacuation action 2km from the zero line.... This hero risks his life daily to bring people to safety. We went along for only 1 day, but being under continuous risk of artillery fire and the danger of drones was a very intense experience

We were with medics transferring wounded soldiers from an armored vehicle into an ambulance at a point a few miles from the zero line. What we saw there was horrific. (See video on the "retrospective" page.

Our December (Christmas) trip was also a very special one. We baked French fries for the elderly, wounded soldiers and at an orphanage. At the military hospital we got to bake for great heroes, many of whom were severely wounded by mine blasts, drone attacks or shelling. At the orphanage we had the most special day. It was great to hand out French fries, snacks, treats and gifts with Santa Claus. The other days we baked at public locations with often more than 2,000 visitors a day.


We were involved during our 12th trip, on June 27, in a heavy missile strike in Kramatorsk that killed 13 people and injured more than 60. in the Ria restaurant, an Iskander cruise missile (type K) struck. This is a heavy ballistic missile weighing more than 2,600 kilograms! Fortunately, we were only slightly injured. We were so extremely lucky, it is almost impossible to describe. Unfortunately, several acquaintances of ours did die that day, including two girls aged 14 and a girl aged 17.

What happened that day only further strengthened our feelings to support Ukraine.

On our "look back" page you can see hundreds of videos of our trips and actions.

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