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Our Mission

We are  “Franky and Coen into the breach”.

Franky and Coen step into the breach where necessary.


Coen is a snack bar owner with a snack bar  in Waspik and Franky is a snack bar owner with a snack bar in Eindhoven. Franky and Coen have been friends for over twenty-five years.


Franky's wife is from Kiev, Ukraine and when the war in Ukraine started, Franky felt he had to do something for the Ukrainian refugees.


When Franky told Coen this, Coen immediately said: I'm in. With a budget of €4000 of their own money, they hitched up the trailer and drove to the Polish border. There they handed out free fries and snacks. Of course the budget was far too small, but because the media had picked up the story in the meantime, donations came in so that they were able to distribute about 12,000 portions of fries and 10,000 snacks in that short period of time.

Franky and Coen thank you very much for your generous donation!

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